About us...

SKF is the Kayak and Canoe School of the CUS - University of Udine Canoe section.

Our goal is to spread the practice of Canoeing in the inland waters of Friuli Venezia Giuliathrough our courses and excursions.

We belive that kayaking and canoeing are beautiful ways to enjoy and respect nature and an amazing way to explore our territory.

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Via delle Scienze 100, Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia | info@scuolakayakfriuli.com

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With the collaboration of

 Canoe and Kayak Courses for all ages

SKF offers a comprehensive selection of courses and introduction to Canoe Kayak, starting from basic courses to those for obtaining a patent or Instructor Guide.

Adult beginners:

It aims to teach the basics of kayaking to people with no experience. At the end of the course students will be able to safely deal with the flat water (lake, river and calm seas).

Adult advanced:

It 'addressed to students who have already completed at least the basic course and it's aims is learning advanced techniques such as the ESKIMO, enabling students to deal at the end of the course with the white water (river and stream) up to the 2nd degree WW.

For Kids:

is for children and young people who want to get closer to the sport of kayaking or who want to bring their parents to take a trip in a canoe together!